Due to the recent increase in Covid cases across our bowling clubs, the Executive has decided to postpone this weekends Interclub League games.
On Saturday 3 July the Men’s ICL will play Round 9 as arrangements have already been made for most of these games to be played earlier. Women’s ICL will play Round 4.
Saturday 31 July the Men’s ICL will then play Round 8 and Women’s ICL will play Round 5.
Don Potts
Port Natal Bowls

Junior Masters Important Notice

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2021 Mixed Pairs Winners :
John Connellan and Glenda Matthews (Stella Park)

Guidelines for Cell Phone users

The majority of our charts and lists are in PDF format. This has always been the case and, as with PCs and Laptops, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader or other similar software to read them.

Cell phones are no different in this regard and you will need to download the Acrobat app from the Apple or Android Google Play Store.
Having done so the process is as follows when on line to the PNB website.
Locate the file that you want.
Hold your finger on the link for a few seconds.
Choose Preview from the download link
You will see a tick on the scroll bar at the top of your screen – pull it down and you have your file.
These files are usually quite small and the process will be quick.
(There may be some variances depending upon the phone that you have, but the principal will be the same).